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Rate Trends

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We check the paid rates of the last 6 vehicles most recently shipped on your desired route.

We then compare against current rates offered to carriers for the space & schedule you request. 

Fuel Costs & Distance

Fuel Management

Longer distances require more driver time, additional toll costs & more fuel.

Transport carriers typically only get 6-8 miles per gallon.

What Goes into Your Car Shipping Quote?

Vehicle Size/Type


Vehicle size and weight affect the amount of space and fuel needed for transport, so expect to pay more for a larger, heavier vehicles.

Modified suspensions, over-sized wheels & roof racks also affects available space.


Woodland Path

Remote locations limit a carrier's chances to fill empty spaces with cars for return trips and take more time/fuel to reach.


Fewer carriers traveling remote routes can result in higher prices. Being able to meet the truck closer to metropolitan areas can help you to get reduced rates.

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Seasonal Supply & Demand

Higher demand can raise rates during peak shipping months.

Generally, the spring & fall rates can vary by as much as 30-40% from summer time prices, depending on route and direction of travel.

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